Cibes Space saving No-pit Home Lift

Cibes Space saving No-pit Home Lift

Top floor penthouses or mid-level duplex homes usually just have the main elevator up to the first front door, but once inside your multi-level apartment, there is virtually no traditional lift that can be installed. With Cibes, small footprint, light weight, no pit, running on regular home electricity and no counterweight, we offer the best solution for these types of homes.

In duplex or penthouse multi-level homes, it is often difficult or generally impossible to install a traditional lift due to considerations for the pit and counterweight issues. Cibes Lift is particularly well suited for this type of environment.

Cibes no-pit, screw driven type elevators are intelligently designed with cutting edge technology. The focus on safety comes from it’s simple, robust and low maintenance drive system. At the weakest point in the drive train, as tested by the Royal Swedish Laboratory, it takes over 10 metric tons to cause failure. This is a lift that is extremely safe going up and down and it simply cannot “fall down”. Significant safety features are built into the lift, including various movement sensors.

Cibes Panoramic Home Lift

Cibes Panoramic Home Lift

Villas and townhouses are becoming taller and narrower, with living space on each floor sacrificed by total increased living space vertically. Parking cars underneath at 1st or 2nd floor basements are more and more common, even in areas with high water tables or prone to flooding.

The best place for a lift is the in middle of the staircase from a design perspective. Space saving footprint and 360 degree panoramic glass shaft are perfect for this type of layout.

Installing a traditional traction or hydraulic lift, with steel support structure and shaft, often has a usable Lift space utilization (lifting area versus total elevator structure total area requirements) of just 30-40%. With Cibes panoramic home lift, you can get above 70% space utilization, and even come in small sizes with a footprint of just about 1 square meter! In these types of homes, the most beautiful solution is having the lift in the center of the staircase with panoramic glass.

Cibes Space saving Home Lift

Cibes Space saving Home Lift

With the recent market changes regarding land usage, town houses or “smaller villas” are now more and more common as building vertically is generally less expensive than building horizontally. These houses often have basements and underground parking.

For homes with underground parking or basements, digging a pit requires extensive alteration of the original foundation and building additional support structure, which will entail water proofing and other significant building works.

These houses are usually tall and have underground levels; however they have very limited area per floor. Going up and down the stairs can be a burden for the members of the families, and installing a traditional lift with a shaft takes up significant floor space.

Cibes Lift developed one of the world’s most convenient elevator solutions. It eliminates the cost and trouble of digging a pit, building a shaft and separate support structure. There is no need to modify your existing foundation; you can just put a Cibes no-pit Lift directly on your lowest landing floor. Simple fixing points along the shaft that require minimal structural support are all that remains to install!

Safety of Cibes Home Lift

Cibes drive system


With the growth of China’s wealth and high-end villa market, people gradually have come to accept the use of lifts in villas. This can help family members save time and physical strength, but might bring risks to them as well if unreliable lifts are used . Safety is the most important factor for the purchase of a home elevator. CIBES LIFT AB has carried out long-term research and trials, steadily improving and incorporating safety and security measures into its design. How can Cibes Lift make sure the safety of the family members when they are using the lift?

Safety features of the Cibes lift for private use:

1. Advanced and unique security brake device (located above the control panel and around the edge of the platform);

2. Overload protection device;

3. Emergency stop;

4. Safety control circuit;

5. Platform safety edges on four sides extended to the floor for a safe brake in case of foreign body getting into the mechanism;

6. Smooth inner wall of the shaft— the convex surface cannot be bigger than 5mm in accordance to the standards of European home lift industry;

7. Nut for driving load;

8. Safety nut for safety assurance;

9. Lubricant cylinder for real-time maintenance for screw;

10. High-strength screw to ensure safe operation;

The simple structure of the Cibes Lift symbolizes stability and safety. No accident has ever occurred during the 40 years since Cibes lifts with screw driven mechanism were first used in Europe.


How to choose a Sightseeing Lift for a Villa

How to choose a Sightseeing Lift for a Villa

In recent years, sightseeing lift has been adopted in residential villas. To put it simply, a sightseeing lift makes it possible for passengers to enjoy the indoor or outdoor scene in the lift. A small home lift will give you a panoramic view of the surrounding and add tremendous value to the villa.

To meet the needs of different people for lifts of private use, Cibes Lift designs a new model of sightseeing lift. Compared with conventional lift, it has many advantages such as safety, good performance, low price and excellent aftersales maintenance, etc.

Safety is undoubtedly the most important consideration for lift users. Cibes sightseeing lift for villas adopts the advanced screw-driven solution, which makes it much safer than the conventional sightseeing lift. No accident has ever happened during the 40 years since Cibes lifts were first used in Europe.

The Cibes sightseeing lift for villa adopts the simple European style. But the glazed glass shaft on four sides of the lift gives the passenger luxurious comfort and enjoyment. The glass lift integrates itself into the surroundings as if it were just part of the building.

3.Civil construction
The Cibes sightseeing lift owns self-supporting shaft, which means no surrounding construction work is needed in the installation. As for the conventional sightseeing lift with steel girder / beam, a crossbeam is necessary for each height interval of each two meters and one more crossbeam at 2.35m from the floor. The roof of the conventional lift should be made of sunproof aluminum-plastic composite panel.

4.Height of the mechanical room/the top floor
The Cibes sightseeing lift boasts the unique design of no machine room and no requirement to the top floor ceiling height. The conventional sightseeing lift without machine room usually adopts the external design, meaning the minimum ceiling height of the top floor should reach 4.5 m (GB).

5.Pit of the lift
The Cibes sightseeing lift can be installed under zero-pit condition or a pit of 50mm is enough. The conventional sightseeing lift needs a reserved pit of 1.8m deep for the installation.

The Cibes sightseeing lift uses the screw-driven system, which means simple structure and lower maintenance costs. Since September 2014, clients of the Cibes Lift are entitled to three-year free maintenance;

How to Install a Small Lift for private use?

Cibes Lift makes your life easier

You may plan to install a lift in your house, however, a lot of factors might trouble you. First, an underground garage may stop you from installing a lift since there is no space for a pit. Second, the digging of a pit may cause water leakage even if measures are taken. Third, the top floor ceiling height may not meet the minimum head room at the top landing. With these factors in consideration you may have to give up your plan for a lift. With the Cibes Lift from Sweden, you won’t have to worry about tackling such problems, Cibes features home lifts with no pit and no machine room required.


The following is the preparatory work necessary for the installation of a Cibes lift, which is relatively simple and straightforward as is shown in the picture.

The picture shows that the no-pit Cibes lift can be installed in a duplex apartment and also as well in the interior space of a staircase.

To install a Cibes lift, first of all, make sure whether your reserved space is within the sizes indicated below. The space for the installation of A4000 and A5000 shall be within this range: (A5000 Cibes Guangzhou villa Case)

Decide the size of your reserved space according to various dimensions of the lifts you will choose from. The footprint for A4000 is 993×1200mm. For more references please click on Products.

Size of the interior space of a square-shaped stairs for a lift (mm):


Size of the interior space of a spiral staircase for a lift (mm):


3D chart of full-height door lift in the interior of a staircase:


Chart of half-height door lift for a head room of low ceiling height at top landing:


Once you have reserved enough space for a Cibes lift, all you need to do is to get a 5cm-deep pit ready and no more surrounding construction work is needed. As is shown below:


The appropriate time for the installation of a Cibes lift is when you have finished 90% of your house decoration, right before you put furniture in. The process will take about a week, depending on the site conditions and ceiling heights. Here are some of the real views of our lifts after installation.

Once you choose Cibes Lift, all your worries will be gone. Here are the advantages of using Cibes Lifts: no surrounding construction work is needed; no pit is required, thus there will be no worry about possible water leakage caused by pit digging; and no worry about space limitation for a pit even in the case of having an underground garage. Cibes Lift makes your life easier!